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Shipping Policy

Connoisseur Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Dba Chargrill Pizza Café)  may at its sole discretion charge Delivery Charges and Delivery Surge from Customer for delivery of the Order. Connoisseur® outsourced this delivery to various agencies in the city and cannot be held responsible for their goof ups. However, we value your patronage and will definitely try and find an amicable and reasonable solution if such a delivery was to fail.

Chargrill Pizza Café offers pizza's uncut and unsliced for aesthetic and hygine reasons. if you want your pizza to be cut / sliced before delivery please specify that in your order. However, note it will cause the pizza to shift in the box during delivery and not be as aesthetically pleasing.

Chargrill Pizza Café offers delivery services with best effort basis only. We donot gurantee any timeline for delivery.

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