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About Us - CharGrill Pizza Café

A recent visit to Italy inspired me to become a pizzaiolo.

Walking down the cobbled streets and alleys of Rome; I came across ‘piccino’ stand alone pizzerias where despite their modest menus ; people were flocking around, queued up in long lines to savour the perfect taste. 

After my excitement settled and my olfactory senses had inhaled plenty of olive oil aromas ‘n smoke;  my tastebuds declared the flavor and texture were exceptional!


However, my stomach felt uncomfortable and bloated after a few slices.  It reminded me of a cheesy pizza joke:
“What kind of a person doesn’t like pizza?” - A weir-dough!  That’s when I decided to make super thin crust pizzas! The dough needed to be re worked to fit into my concept of the perfect pizza, while leaving the connoisseur consuming it feeling light after the meal.


After repeated recipe trials, endless hours of experiments and my absolute tenacity during the pandemic when ingredients were limited, I perfected my rustic charred pizza. Along with my signature decadent desserts and soulful coffee to complete the meal! 


I’m grateful I was able to transform a simple travel experience into a passion!  It encouraged me to open my own piccino pizzeria which serves chargrilled pizzas!  With a little help from the Italians: some of their recipes, flour imported from Italy and my dough: a pizz-a-love is created each day! 

Do visit us @ Chargrill Pizza Café!


Connoisseur® has been operating in New Delhi since 1999. We specialise in decorative cakes and craft pizza. Apart from Cheese platter curation, we also take on catering orders based on certain cuisine and specialities.

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